This is the popular Avon role that we’ve all come to know and respect over the years. If you want to become an Avon Sales Representative, all you need is the ability to get out there and meet new people to sell a great product and enjoy what you are doing.

To make sales, you’ll need a network. Don’t worry, you’ve already got that! Think of all of your family and friends who already know about Avon and would be delighted to buy from you.

That could be perfect! You can stop there, or you can ask for your own Avon community, made up of the people who live near you; you might not know them yet, but though out time they could become great clients and friends.

We’ll provide you with full training, answer any queries or explain anything you don’t understand, when you’re ready, you’ll become one of the thousands of Avon representatives all over the world enjoying an extra income, based at home and working hours that suit you.

Perhaps the best part of being part of our team is that we’ve seen most of the difficulties as well as the benefits; we can help you overcome any problems as well as make everything else keep running smoothly.


Avon Sales Leader

If you have always wanted to start your own business but have never had access to the funds required, then Avon and have a superb proposition for you. With bit of hard work, you have the possibility to earn a remarkable income as an Avon Sales Leader.

An Avon Representative concentrates on selling Avon products. An Avon Sales Leader concentrates on recruiting and training Avon Representatives. It is perfect for Avon Representatives who have got to the stage where they want to help others succeed in working for the company.

It’s perfect for those who feel they have both the skills to sell Avon products to their network and the skills to run their own team. As long as you’re able to recruit your Avon Representatives face to face, you can help people join Avon all over the country. Whenever your Representatives make a sale, both of you will make money.

Becoming an Avon Sales Leader is perfect for those with a long term vision; you may not make a lot of money on day one, but if you take the time to build up a team of Sales Representatives, you’ll make a lot more. And imagine the possibilities if they all become Sales Leader and recruited their own Sales Representatives FIND OUT MORE